Enrollment - Application Procedure

2018-2019 Enrollment FAQs

What is the enrollment period for City Neighbors Hamilton?

City Neighbors Hamilton will be accepting Enrollment Applications through 3 PM on February 2, 2018.  See important submission details here. 

How are students selected at City Neighbors Hamilton?

City Neighbors Hamilton accepts Enrollment Applications during  the specified enrollment period (see above), then conducts a lottery drawing to select which students will fill our open seats.  Each application is assigned a number, then numbers are drawn, according to grade, to determine acceptance and wait list order.  Lotteries are witnessed by representatives of Baltimore City Public Schools and any other interested parties. See important enrollment dates and deadlines here.

How does the lottery work? 

If the number of applicants for a given grade does not exceed the number of available spaces, all applicants in that grade will be offered admission to the school. 

If the number of Enrollment Applications for a given grade exceeds the number of available spaces, students will be selected for admission by random lottery on a grade-by-grade basis, beginning with kindergarten and moving up each consecutive grade, i.e. kindergarten, first, second, third, etc.  Students are selected in the lottery per grade level using the information supplied on the Enrollment Application.  Inaccurate information regarding the applicant's grade level or age will adversely affect the applicant's placement on the acceptance/waiting list. 

The enrollment lottery will be conducted by staff of City Neighbors Hamilton and witnessed by a representative of Baltimore City Public Schools and is open to all applicant families.  In the case of school closing for inclement eather, the lottery draw will be rescheduled. 

How do I get an Enrollment Application?

You can download an Enrollment Application here or pick one up at the school office during regular school hours. 

How do I submit my completed Enrollment Application?

You can submit your Enrollment Application in one of three ways:  hand-deliver to the school office, email to applications@cityneighborshamilton.org, or mail to 5609 Sefton Avenue, Building 1, Baltimore, MD  21214.  Please note we do not accept enrollment applications via fax.   See important information here regarding methods of submission.   

I do not live in the same ZIP code as City Neighbors Hamilton.  Can I still apply for my child?

Yes.  City Neighbors Hamilton accepts applications from all Baltimore City residents.  See "Who Can Apply" here.  If your child is selected in the lottery and you accept the offer, you will be asked to provide two proofs of residency verifying that you live in Baltimore City.  See acceptable proofs of residency here.

I have submitted an Enrollment Application for more than one of my children.  What happens if one is selected in the lottery and the other/s is/are not?

City Neighbors Hamilton employs a Sibling Preference Policy, meaning if one sibling is selected and accepts the seat, the sibling of that student will rise to the top of the waiting list, behind siblings of current students that might be on the waiting list.  See complete Sibling Preference/Enrollment Priority Policy here.

I submitted an Enrollment Application to City Neighbors Charter School.  Do I also need to submit one to City Neighbors Hamilton?

Yes.  City Neighbors Charter School and City Neighbors Hamilton hold independent lotteries and do not share a waiting list. Click here to go to City Neighbors Charter School’s website or call them at 410-325-2627.

I have a child who is attending City Neighbors Charter School or City Neighbors High School.  Are they included in the Sibling Preference Policy?

No.  Only siblings of students who attend City Neighbors Hamilton are included in the Sibling Preference Policy for City Neighbors Hamilton.  City Neighbors Charter School and City Neighbors Highs School have their own Sibling Preference Policies. 

My child already attends City Neighbors Hamilton.  Do I need to reapply every year?

No.  Once your child is enrolled at City Neighbors Hamilton, he/she does not need to re-enroll.  Our current families will receive an Intent to Return form every year before our lottery drawing so that we can determine what seats will be available the following year. 

I have a child who already attends City Neighbors Hamilton.  How do I enroll his/her sibling?

Siblings of current students must have a completed Enrollment Application submitted by the deadline of the Intent to Return forms, but they are not included in the lottery and are given automatic placement, as long as there is an open seat in the grade to which they are applying. 

If there are no open seats in the grade to which they are applying, they will be placed at the top of the waiting list. 

If there is more than one sibling applying to the same grade and there are not enough open seats to accommodate each of them, there will be a lottery drawing among those student applicants to determine who fills any open seat and to determine placement on the waiting list. 

How does City Neighbors Hamilton define “sibling”?

A sibling is defined as a brother and/or sister who reside in the same household AND:

  • share a common parent, or
  • are legally adopted by the same parent, or
  • are the legal responsibility of the same adult/parent.

Please note this excludes cousins and other children who live together in the household but do not meet one of the other three criteria.  See complete Sibling Preference/Enrollment Preference Policy here.

Are there age restrictions for children entering Kindergarten and first grade?

Yes.  See Age Requirements here.  

How do I know City Neighbors Hamilton is the right fit for my child?

It is very important that you not only read our website thoroughly, but that you also attend an enrollment Open House (which includes an informational session and tour of the school), and ask any questions you may have to ensure you and your family are a good fit for City Neighbors Hamilton. Supervised children are welcome to attend Open Houses and you do not need to RSVP. If Baltimore City Public Schools are closed or close early due to inclement weather, Open Houses will be canceled and may or may not be rescheduled. See enrollment Open House dates here. 

Can I schedule a school tour outside of the enrollment Open Houses?

Because of high demand, we are unable to schedule individual school tours for prospective families.  Please be sure to attend an Open House, held during the enrollment period.  See enrollment Open House dates here.

If my child’s name is placed on the waiting list, when will I hear from you?

Immediately following the lottery, wait-list letters will be sent to all lottery applicants with their placement number indicated.   If we begin selecting names from the waiting list and your child’s name comes up next on the list, we will contact you immediately.  There is no need to contact us about your child’s placement on the waiting list. 

CNH will not be responsible for any wait-list notification letters returned to us in the mail due to outdated, inaccurate, or illegible information provided on the Enrollment Application.

How long is the waiting list in effect?

The waiting list will be in effect for the entire school year.  If your child is not selected during the school year in which you applied, you will have to reapply for the following year.

Can I be present at the time of the lottery?

Yes!  Any interested party can attend the enrollment lottery, held at the school.  Well supervised children are welcome to attend. 

How soon after the lottery will I be able to know if my child was selected or his/her placement on the waiting list?

Letters of acceptance or wait list placement are mailed shortly after the lottery drawing is held.  See important enrollment dates and deadlines here Because of the volume of applications and the quick turnaround time between the lottery draw and parent notification, it is not possible to disclose acceptance or waiting list placements by telephone or email before the notification letters are mailed.  We understand your eagerness to learn the result of the lottery, but please refrain from calling the school to inquire about your child's placement to allow us to time to prepare and mail the letters.

Once letters have been mailed, we will disclose acceptance and waiting list information only to immediate family members of the applicant.  Please do not call to inquire about the acceptance/wait list status of your friends and family. 

If my child’s name was drawn in the lottery, how long do I have to accept or decline the seat?

After the lottery, there is a very specific timeline on accepting or declining the seat.  See important enrollment dates and deadlines here.  An acceptance card and registration form will be mailed to all accepted applicants by the deadline.  If you choose to accept the seat, the card and registration form must be either hand-delivered or postmarked by the the deadline indicated.  If we do not receive this written notification of acceptance postmarked by that deadline, we will offer the seat to the next applicant on the waiting list.  Verbal notification of acceptance is not sufficient and a seat will not be held.  Once accepted, prospective families will receive a list of other documents required, along with associated deadlines, in order to complete their enrollment, as required by Baltimore City Public Schools. 

If, after the lottery deadlines have passed, we have an opening and your child is next on the waiting list, we will expect a yes or no response within two weeks, generally speaking. 

In order to ensure full enrollment, seats that become available and are offered to candidates on the waiting list during the summer months will require a shorter turnaround time between notification and acceptance confirmation from families.  The timeline becomes even more condensed as the beginning of the school year approaches and once school is in session.   We will assume that every applicant family has explored our website, attended an Open House, and had all of their questions answered to determine if City Neighbors Hamilton is a good fit for their family when and if their child is offered a seat. See Open House dates here

What if I don't receive my letter of acceptance and miss the deadline?

It is very important the information you provide on your child's applications is clear, legible, and accurate.  CNH will not be responsible for any acceptance notification letters returned to us in the mail due to incorrect, outdated, or illegible information provided on the Enrollment Application.  A reasonable attempt will be made to contact the accepted applicant by other means provided on the Enrollment Application, but acceptance deadlines cannot be extended.  If we are unable to make contact after a reasonable attempt to do so, we will offer the seat to the next applicant on the waiting list. 

My Enrollment Application was submitted after the deadline. What happens to it?

All Enrollment Applications received after the deadline will be placed at the end of the waiting list in the order in which they were received.  They will not be included in the lottery drawing.

My high-schooler is interested in applying to City Neighbors High School.  How do I do that?

Click here to go to City Neighbors High School’s website for more information on their school, Open House dates, and application process or call them at 443-642-2119.

Statement of Educational Equality

City Neighbors Hamilton is committed to a policy of educational equality. Accordingly, the whole school admits students and conducts educational programs, activities, and employment practices without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, ancestry, disabilities, or any other legally protected classification.





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